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About us

CapitalHubs is a place where small portfolio investors could follow and apply investment style without any extended trading or research skills required


Our team has finance, statistics and IT background which helps us take advantage of the latest technologies and apply them into trading different asset classes.


We stay firm behind our methodology and research.
We invest our own funds in our strategies and give you an opportunity to follow our style.


Our mission is to provide small porfolio investors with affordable way to invest by following proven over time trading systems.


    Many small investors face numerous disadvantages:

  • Portfolio too small for professional management
  • Lack of time or expertise to execute
  • High trading costs - overtrading
  • Too sophisticated trading software
  • Emotions in trading
  • Lack of discipline in trading


    The most efficient way to overcome mentioned is so called social investing. By following experienced team you:
  • Don't need extra time or expertise to make decision
  • Get sctructured and systematic way of execution
  • Don't need to learn sophisticated trading software
  • Eliminate emotions in trading
  • Get discipline in trading

How it works

By mimicking portfolio with proven track record the average small investor could benefit from the same level of service and opportunities as the big ones, however at lower cost and with no time spent for research and analysis. There are three easy steps how you could do it...

1. Pick a strategy

Take a look the strategies we actively trade and pick the one, which best fits your investment style.

2. Follow

Subscribe and start receiving notifications by email when is the right moment to buy or sell.

3. Execute

Option 1: If you already have brokerage account you could execute manually.
Option 2: If you prefer orders to be automatically executed with no interaction from your side then open an acount with our parner broker.

Our Strategies

We have spent considerable time and effort to construct profitable long term strategies applicable to small size portfolios. Designed to be as easy as possible to follow execution doesn’t require extra time or extended set of skills.

To be sure that the strategies work in different market conditions they have been historically backtested over extended periods of time. Most profitable are traded in real accounts.

Small Cap Swing Strategy

Trading small cap index Russel2000 via ETFs

Small Cap Swing Strategy goal is to provide excessive returns by taking advantage of price swings in the small cap index Russel 2000. The strategy is easy to follow as it generates 2-3 signals per month. As the name suggests this strategy takes advantage of the small cap universe price swings in both directions however without using short positions.

strategy-1 pic
strategy-2 pic

Bitcoin Trading Strategy

Get exposure to the crypto market with trading bitcoin and get advantage of the price moves in structured way.


EURUSD LR Strategy

Trading the most liquid forex pair

The goal of this strategy is to provide stable long term capital growth trough trading EURUSD as EURUSD pair is the most liquid and offers best trading conditions among the brokers. This strategy is fully automated thus eliminating the limitations of emotional human decision making. Signals generated are based on algorithm which combines two levels of indicators. In order to ensure profitability in all market conditions it has been backtested over the past 10 years.

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