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Small Cap Swing

Trade small cap index Russell 2000 via ETFs

Small Caps Swing Strategy goal is to provide excessive returns by taking advantage of price swings in the small cap index Russell 2000. The strategy is easy to follow as it generates 2-3 signals per quarter. As the name suggests it takes advantage of the small cap universe price swings in both directions.

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EURUSD Long-Short

Trade the most liquid forex pair

The goal of this strategy is to provide long term capital growth via EURUSD trading. As this is the most liquid pair it offers best trading conditions among the brokers. This strategy is fully automated. Signals generated are based on strict risk management rules.

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    Many investors and trders face numerous disadvantages:

  • Portfolio too small/big for management
  • Lack of time or expertise to execute
  • High trading costs - overtrading
  • Overcomplicated trading software
  • Emotional bias in decision making
  • Lack of discipline in trading


    The most efficient way to overcome mentioned is the systematic way of investing. By following strict rules one:
  • Don't need extra time or expertise to make decision
  • Get sctructured and systematic way of execution
  • Don't need to master sophisticated trading software
  • Eliminate emotions in trading
  • Get discipline in trading


Systematic, rule based trading has several benefits, including:


Systematic trading is rule-based and operates on predefined criteria. This approach helps remove emotional bias and subjectivity from the decisionmaking process, leading to more rational and consistent investment decisions


Systematic trading operates according to a set of predetermined rules, which helps to ensure consistency in decision-making and execution


Automated systems can process vast amounts of data more quickly and efficiently than a human trader/investor. This can lead to better trading decisions and faster execution times

Improved Risk Management

Systematic trading often involves the use of risk management techniques, such as stop-loss orders, to limit potential losses. This helps to minimize the impact of unexpected events in the market


Systematic trading systems can be backtested to evaluate their effectiveness over historical data. This can help investors assess the potential performance of a system before committing funds


Systematic trading can be scaled up to manage larger portfolios and to take advantage of opportunities in multiple markets simultaneously

How it works

Overall, systematic investing can help investors to make more informed and consistent investment decisions, while also providing greater efficiency, risk management, and scalability. There are three easy steps how this could be achieved...

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